Straightforward Phabricator hosting.

The power of Phabricator.

Originally built at Facebook, Phabricator is a collection of web applications which help you power through your projects and build better products.

Phabricator provides you with the exceptional quality tools you'd expect:

  • reviewing and auditing code
  • hosting and browsing repositories
  • tracking tasks and bugs
  • communication inside teams
  • teamwide calendars
  • remarkup wikis

A short tour, prepared by the creators of Phabricator is right over here.

If you want to see how Phabricator stacks up against GitHub or Atlassian, there's a complete run-down ready for you.

Phabricator itself is actively developed by Phacility, Inc.

Hosted, so you don't have to.

We are to Phabricator what GitHub is to Git.

(Right, well, that's not really true. We're just trying to give an analogy you can forward to management. You can add "on steroids" to that line. And something about developer productivity increasing.)

Phoreplay provides you with instances of a set-up, preconfigured Phabricator. You don't have to meddle with the whole, extensive environment, outside services and providers — it's all been taken care of.

If you ever run into trouble, we'll provide you with support to figure out what's wrong. That's our job.

Matter of fact, it should take you about 23 seconds to create and your first instance.

† Please don't challenge us on it, we made that up. But it's not far off.

Simple pricing.

Instances up to 5 users are free. Go above that, and it's $2 per user, per month.

We don't count inactive users, so if half of your team is away, we'll detect that based on their blatant lack of logins and won't charge for those accounts.

We don't count bot accounts either.

Free, for Open Source.

Do you have an open source project?

If you're interested in getting a Phabricator instance for an open source project you contribute to, we'd be glad to help out by providing you an instance free of the usual paid thresholds. We may not be able to provide every reasonable submission with a free, unlimited instance, but we'll do our best.

Interested? Use this form to apply.

Seriously, we'll be damn proud to give back.

Some companies using Phabricator *

Khan Academy
Wikimedia Foundation

… and, hopefully, in a few minutes: you.